Online Live Wine Tasting

The ultimate Live Wine Tasting



While comfortably installed at home, chilling out with a good bottle of wine, I will teach you everything you want to know about wine tasting on live.
♦ Everyday, we will learn a different grape from white to red, from still to sparkling. I will explain to you the differences in the style of these grapes and their expressions throughout the world (for ex. Napa Chardonnay vs the top Burgundy).
At the same time, we will as well review the wine tasting techniques, how to detect a faulty wine (corked, oxidised), how to paire wine with food, how to buy the best value wines at your nearest wine retailer…
You just have to pick a bottle of wine, preferably one with the grape of the day and get ready for a very interactive wine tasting online!

 The tasting is liveinteractive and convivial thanks to the small size group (max 10 Guests)

 Private wine tasting in Spanish, Portuguese upon request

Here is the initial schedule of the grapes we will focus each day of the following weeks with suggestions of countries and easy to find at your wine store :

♦ Friday 05/01 => Rosé Wines (France…)
♦ Saturday 05/02 => Bubble’s day (Champagne, Prosecco, Cava…)
♦ Sunday 05/03 => Cabernet Sauvignon/Nebbiolo (Bordeaux, Napa, italy -Piemonte)

Monday 05/04 => Sirah/Shiraz (France: Rhône valley, Australia…)
Tuesday 05/06 => Sauvignon blanc (France: Sancerre)
♦ Wednesday 05/07 => Cabernet Franc
Thursday 05/08 => Chardonnay (Burgundy, California, Australia…)
♦ Friday 05/09 => Pinot noir (Burgundy, New Zealand, Chile, USA…)
♦ Saturday 05/10 => Sangiovese (Italy – Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino)
Sunday 05/11 => Merlot/Malbec (Bordeaux, California, Argentina…)

Monday 05/12 => Champagne x Prosecco

Tuesday 05/13 => Sweet wines
♦ Wednesday 05/14 => Grenache  – France/Spain/Italy

Thursday 05/15 => Riesling – Alsace
♦ Friday 05/16 => Cab Sauvignon – Bordeaux/USA/Chile/Australia
♦ Saturday 05/17 => Chianti/Brunello di Motalcino – Tuscany
Sunday 05/18 => Chenin Blanc -Loire Valley/South Africa

♦ A bottle of wine with the grape of the day… preferably. If you do not have it no worries, you still will learn. A blend with the grape of the day works as well.

 Why not preparing a plate of cheeses for a wine & cheese pairing?

♦ PC, tablet or mobile phone with stable internet connection

♦ 4pm central time

♦ 21h30 UTC/London 

♦ More sessions upon request

♦ While you’re at home, I will be in France, in the region of Champagne, in one of the most important villages that have seen the birth of Champagne thanks to Dom Perignon.

♦ I am Luiz, Sommelier in Paris, ex Lawyer, certified level 4 of the prestigious WSET school of London and Italian Wine Ambassador via Vinitaly. I have already had the chance to meet many of you during my wine & cheese tastings in Paris and my wine day tours to Champagne and Burgundy. But today, under exceptional circumstances, this is a brand new online and live tasting experience that I propose to you. I am so excited to start it!